Turn to Us for Tree Trimming Services in Glenwood & Tabor, IA

It's Time to Trim Your Overgrown Trees

If your yard is covered in overgrown trees with dead branches, your home will start to look more like a haunted house. Don't let neglected trees hurt your curb appeal - hire Wigginton Tree Service to provide tree trimming services in Glenwood, IA. We'll make sure your trees look their best year-round.

If spooky season looks like it came early to your home, schedule dead limb removal services ASAP.

3 benefits of trimming your trees every couple of years

Wondering why it's important to use saws, chippers and burners to remove your tree's overgrown, dangerous and dead limbs? Our removal services are necessary to make your trees more:

  • Beautiful - trim back overgrown branches to give your yard a manicured look
  • Healthy - make sure your roots have more access to sunlight and water by thinning out your tree's canopy
  • Safe - get rid of diseased or damaged tree limbs that are putting your property, guests or power lines at risk
Take advantage of our tree trimming services today. Call (402) 718-1768 to schedule an appointment with us.